Is the future of transport online?

Is the future of transport online? In support of South Africa’s fight against COVID-19, transport platform Linebooker has waived all booking fees related to loads moved for relief efforts and loads moved by SME’s. Linebooker’s cloud-based platform allows you to connect with the largest fleet in SA - more than 245 major transport companies and over 10300 trucks - within 30 minutes. Register and have a truck en route to your loading point all within one hour. There are no payment or [read more]

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Moving Goods to Another City: There’s an App for That

Moving Goods to Another City: There's an App for That Cape Town – Nick Hoffman describes himself as an "intrapreneur" who is passionate about the transport business. He is co-founder and general manager of Linebooker, an online bidding platform for road freight and logistics. An intrapreneur is a manager within a company who promotes innovative product development and marketing. Hoffman said they saw a gap in the transportation of goods where a truck, for example, would take a load to George and drive [read more]

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